Why choose Beneva SSQ Insurance for your Travel Insurance Policy?

Solid as a rock! The numbers speak for themselves

In business since 1944

$13 billion in assets under management

3 million members and customers across Canada

2000 employees

Beyond the numbers, there are people

Beneva SSQ is a mutual company. In other words, Beneva SSQ is a company that was and continues to be built on values of community, collective goods and quality services to its members and that means something.

You’re covered for everything that’s precious to you

Beneva SSQ provides the assurance that everything important to you and your loved ones will be protected – your life, health, retirement, financial security – as well as your vehicle and home.

Beneva SSQ Mission and Values

Beneva SSQ’s mission is to serve the interest of their members and clients by offering high-quality products and services to help them plan and protect their financial security throughout their lives, while drawing inspiration from the mutualist values that place people and social development at the very heart of what Beneva SSQ does.


The principal of co-operation and mutualism have been with Beneva SSQ since the company was founded and constantly guide Beneva SSQ’s management practices. The values of equality, equity, solidarity and democracy are at the heart of Beneva SSQ’s convictions and guarantee their stability. As Beneva SSQ elects the majority of the board directors, members of Beneva SSQ have a true say in the directions the company will take and its development.


Concerned with offering exemplary service to Beneva SSQ clients, Beneva SSQ is taking the necessary steps to remain as accessible company. Beneva SSQ makes it easy to access their services by developing high-performance, user-friendly tools and by providing efficient and courteous customer service. Beneva SSQ strives to be transparent in communications by ensuring that the information provided is clear, pertinent and complete.


Beneva SSQ’s broad range of knowledge and skills enables them to offer quality products and services adapted to meet the needs of the clients. Attention to detail and responsible actions makes Beneva SSQ a higher sought-after partner. Their qualified, committed and motivated employees accomplish their work with precision and efficiency. Beneva SSQ employees are encouraged to continue to upgrade their career skills to achieve their full potential.

social commitment

Social commitment means taking an active role in the development of well-being of the community. It also means supporting humanitarian and community organizations by funding a variety of projects and supporting our employees in their volunteer initiatives. For Beneva SSQ employees, commitment is manifested by everyone’s determination to invest and excel in order to reach the best possible service.


Beneva SSQ acts responsibly and transparently in everything they do. The principles of honesty and integrity are reflected in their daily actions. Beneva SSQ applies the most rigorous standards of conduct and confidentiality, which is how Beneva SSQ continues to build lasting relationships that are based on trust with the employees, clients, members, partners and neighboring communities.


Mutual respect is a fundamental principle upheld at Beneva SSQ, both within the company and with clients and partners. Beneva SSQ is interested in new ideas and different points of view, which is demonstrated by recognizing the importance of the contributions of all to Beneva SSQ’s overall success. In terms of our business practices, respect also means protecting the privacy of the clients by ensuring the confidentiality of their personal information.

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