Under 64 | 60 Day $285.00

Click the button below if would like to be taken to our secure Credit Card portal for your Travel Insurance payment.

We accept Visa and Mastercard.

There will be a 5% processing fee added to the total at checkout for all Credit Card payments.

Best Value

Interac e-Transfer / e-mail Transfer

If you prefer to for your Travel Insurance with Interac e-Transfer / e-mail Transfer, please follow the instructions below:

  • Login to your Bank.
  • Locate ‘e-mail Transfer’ or ‘e-Transfer’.
  • Click to add CopaCare Travel Insurance to the payee list.
  • Enter admin@copacare.ca then add the amount of $285 for your policy.
  • Review your e-transfer and if it’s correct then you can send.
  • Once a member of our Travel Team gets your e-transfer and application they will contact you for final review.
  • e-Transfer must come from and be sent in the primary applicants name or from a bank with the same last name as the applicant.