COPACare travel premiums

COPA in association with Puhl Employee Benefits is pleased to offer a customized travel program available to COPA members.
Current travel plans available to the general public do not provide coverage while piloting an aircraft. In the event of an indiscriminate landing outside your province of residence, you would be personally responsible for all medical expenses incurred.
The COPACare Travel Plan covers travel activities outside of your current province of residence including while piloting an aircraft.

COPACare Annual Cost of Travel Insurance

If you are traveling outside your province, or out of the country, even the smallest injury or illness can be financially devastating. Protect yourself and your family with the emergency COPACare medical travel insurance.

COPACare Travel Plan

The COPACare Travel Plan has been exclusively designed for the COPA Association to meet the specific needs of the COPA members and their families. 

In addition to regular travel the COPACare Travel Plan is designed to cover emergency medical costs outside of your province of residence, this program also includes coverage for the pilot and dependent family members while piloting an aircraft in the event of an indiscriminate landing.

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Travel insurance programs for COPA members. 

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