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Puhl Employee Benefits in partnership with Beneva SSQ, designed the Travel Plan that is exclusive to COPA members.

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The COPACare Travel Plan

Finally, coverage for pilots. A unique feature of this plan is that it will cover you and your family, while you are piloting your aircraft, in the event of an indiscriminate landing outside your province of residence, other travel insurance plans do not provide coverage while you are piloting an aircraft.

The COPACare Travel Plan covers travel activities outside of your current province of residence, including while piloting an aircraft.

Planning a vacation? If you are traveling outside of your home province, to the United States or overseas, even the smallest injury or illness can be devastating. Protect yourself and your family with the COPACare Travel Plan.

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Who Is Insured

The COPA Member plan covers the travel needs of COPA members and their families. People who are covered in the travel insurance plan include:

COPA Members:

  • This plan provides insurance for people who are under the age of 80 (special plans for 80 and over available) and are members of the Canadian Owners and Pilot Association.

COPA Member Spouse:

  • The COPACare plan covers the spouse who is an individual under age of 80 to whom the member is legally married, or with whom the insured Person has continuously cohabitated in a conjugal relationship for a minimum of one year immediately before a loss is incurred under the policy.

COPA Member Child or Dependent:

  • The COPACare program covers Insured Dependent Child means a natural child, adopted child, stepchild or child who is in a part-child relationship with the Insured person. The child is unmarried, dependent upon the member for maintenance and support and a) under 21 years of age, or b) under 25 years of age (26 in the province of Quebec) and in attendance at an institution of higher learning on a full-time basis located in Canada, or c) by reason of mental or physical infirmity, are incapable of self-sustaining employment and are totally dependent upon the Member for support within the terms of the Income Tax Act.

COPACare Member Travel Insurance Plan

This program provides travel coverage for out of province and out of country expenses. This is a program for Canadian Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) members and offers up to $2,000,000 in coverage per person, and a number of other expenses, including in-flight and vacation insurance. The plan coverage makes sure you and your insured dependents are covered while traveling outside your Province/Country or residence for a period not to exceed 45 days. If you are a COPA member and looking for a plan that covers the needs of you and your family when you travel contact us, and apply today. The COPACare plan is here for you.
The travel plan is designed with COPA members in mind. COPACare Emergency Medical Travel Program is now extended up to age 79. Current travel plans available to the general public do not provide coverage while piloting an aircraft.
Super Benefit
Our plan covers travel emergency medical costs outside of your province of residence, this program includes coverage for the pilot and all dependent family members while you are piloting an aircraft in the event of an indiscriminate landing.

45 Day Annual Multi-Trip Coverage. Pay Once & Travel As Much As You Like

  • 45 Day Annual Premium  under 69: $255
  • 45 Day Annual Premium 70-74: $444
  • 45 Day Annual Premium 75-80: $831

Super-Feature Unique to COPACare Travel:

Coverage reloads for an additional 45 days upon return to your home province at no additional cost.

Pre-Existing Clauses Explanation:

  • 65 and Under – pre-existing stability medical conditions are covered – yes covered!
  • Age 66 – 69; 3-month pre-existing stability medical condition clause
  • Age 70 – 74; 6-month pre-existing stability medical condition clause
  • Age 75 – 80; 12 month pre-existing stability medical condition clause

Snowbird Travel Coverage:

  • Coverage for 90 / 120 / 180 days
  • Provides Travel coverage while flying your private plane
  • Super Premium Value – usually 25% below other top travel companies.
  • View our Travel Rates here

Maximum $2,000,000 per injury or sickness per person including:

  • $10,000 ground ambulance
  • $50,000 medical evacuation
  • $5,000 remains repatriation
  • $5,000 family transportation
  • $1,000 hotel convalescence
  • $500 return of vehicle

Coverage includes:

  • Sub-Limits: Pays up to $5,000 for the services of a registered graduate nurse; up to $300 for each class of practitioner for the services of chiropractor, osteopath, chiropodist or podiatrist, massage therapist, speech therapist and psychologist; up to $1,000 for the services of a physiotherapist; up to $1,000 for ground ambulance services; and up to $2,000 for accidental injury to whole and sound teeth (capped or crowned teeth are considered whole and sound teeth).
  • Evacuation Benefits: Pays up to $50,000 for
    1) transportation by any conveyance (other than ground ambulance) from the place of accident, sickness or disease to the nearest hospital, medical facility or doctor’s clinic as recommended by attending physician and approved by Insurer, 2) transportation by any conveyance (other than ground ambulance) to the Insured person’s province of residence for further treatment or to recover, 3) transportation to the Insured person’s province of residence in the event of confinement in hospital preventing the return to such province with the original return transportation that is non-changeable and non-refundable, and 4) up to $2,000 for return transportation, accommodation and board actually incurred by a medical attendant or ONE immediate family member to accompany the Insured person.
  • Repatriation Benefits: Pays up to $5,000 for actual expenses incurred for preparing the deceased for burial or cremation and shipment of the body to the Insured Person’s province or residence provided loss of life is outside such province and residence and occurred within 365 days of the date of the accident.
  • Transportation & Accommodation Benefits: Pays up to $5,000 to ONE immediate family member or traveling companion for transportation, lodging, and board if an Insured person dies or is being confined for at least 4 days at a hospital located outside his province of residence.
  • Return of Vehicle Benefits: Pays up to $500 for the return to the province of residence or car rental agency of the vehicle used for the trip if due to injury, sickness or disease an Insured Person becomes totally disabled and unable to continue their trip.
  • Hotel Convalescence Benefits: Pays up to $1,000 of due to injury, sickness or disease, the attending Physician certifies in writing that the Insured person, due to his medical condition, is prohibited from resuming any travel following discharge from the hospital where the Insured Person was confined for a period of not less than seven (7) days, the Insurer will pay the reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred for board and Accommodation.
  • Emergency Medical Assistance: Worldwide emergency medical assistance. In event of injury, sickness or disease, the medical assistance provider must be notified within 48 hours from time of the accident.
Beneva SSQ Assurance, the underwriter, provides member’s worldwide emergency assistance services 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Contact Puhl Employee Benefits for more information about the policy and COPACare travel.

Puhl Employee Benefits Inc.

Puhl Employee Benefits, in co-ordination with Beneva SSQ, designed the COPACare Travel Plan that is exclusive to COPA members. Puhl Employee Benefits specializes in “Association” travel insurance benefit programs and in meeting the unique financial and risk management needs of the association individual members. Puhl acts as the client service, administrative and marketing arm of the COPACare travel insurance plan.

Beneva SSQ Insurance Inc.

Beneva SSQ is the underwriter and claims arm of the COPACare travel insurance plan. Beneva SSQ Insurance has been providing quality service to its clients for over 60 years. By offering a wide choice of travel insurance and risk management and investment products, Beneva SSQ continues to protect the present and ensure the future of over a million Canadians.